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Thread: Questhelper addon?

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    Questhelper addon?

    Is there a questhelper addon for 1.21? I looked in the big Addon zip file and could not find one. If not, is there an alternative?
    Thanks much! -Keyert

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    Re: Questhelper addon?

    Hallo Keyert,
    for the wow version 1.12 is no questhelper addon established and i think there is no alternative.
    So you have to use homepages like www.thottbot.com

    Regards, Sw!m

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    Re: Questhelper addon?

    maybe someone witch know how to programm addons could make quest helper or carbonite remaded code for this version?

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    Swim is absolutely correct. By patch 1.12.1 there were no simplified Quest Helper AddOns.

    naschi1, as much as I would love to do that, there have been far too many changes in the code since 1.12.1 and the first release of Quest Helper to simply remake the code. I'd love for it to be possible but it would take a lot of time, weeks I'm sure, time I don't have. Maybe someone else on the forum are expert coders with an astonishing amount of time on their hands?
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    yeh it would be awesome for a type of QH addon for this server

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    We never had Qest helper for the first years of WoW. While it is nice, it is completely unnecessary. 90% of the time, if you read the quest you can find exactly where to go the first time. Quest helper is just another hand holding device created for players that want things easy mode. While i admit I love quest helper and it's equivalents in other MMOs part of playing vanilla wow and reliving the memories is the epicness associated with reading a quest and figuring out what you are supposed to accomplish.

    P.S. for those of us who leveled up about 6 lvl 60's back in the day, our "quest helper" is permanently in our brains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irinawylder View Post
    Swim is absolutely correct. By patch 1.12.1 there were no simplified Quest Helper AddOns.
    Sorry but that is not true, there is a quest helper mod for 1.12.1, i know because i use it on other 1.12.1 realms. It doesnt have the dynamic arrow for easy mode, but it has wowhead archive databases you can read ingame for the quests with co-ordinates for location of items etc.

    I'll upload it if there is enough interest, because i forget where i found the link.

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    meta map could be a good alternative
    but i can't give you a link ... found it somewhere on the web in a huge addon package
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